to the 4.th international ARTMONEYWORLDWIDE exhibition

Torshavn 2017 Faroe Islands 

Sept. 29 to Oct. 10

Gallery Smiðjan ín Lítluvík.

The northern most artmoney exhibition in the jubilee year was in the Faroe Islands who are wellknown for a great and colorful nature. The population are known for their great interest in art, too. We got a very fine publicity and an interview in the morning program in the radio.

The exhibition was in Gallery Smiðjan ín Lítluvík in Torshavn – a charming traditional Faroen house (an old smith) with grass on the roof close to the harbour.

It was a fantastic exhibition! We had a great sale - 135 sold artmoney. It was a great pleasure to attend the daily opening with so many people showing interest! Paople came two or three times bringing friends. It was remarkable that many men, single og with a friend also spent at lot of time studying the magnitude of artmoney. 

People were impressed to see so many different techniques. And allready now it inspired to new art activities in Torshavn.

So thank you to the Faroe Islands - it was a pleasure!


1200 artmoney