Opening and dinner


OPENING Oct. 12, 2024 at h15.00
Afterwards we dine together approx. at h18.00

Do you want to join?
Then just let Karen know.
No later than October 1.
We order dinner at a nearby restaurant, recommended by the gallery.

Opening hours

October 12, 12 - 17 (Opening h15.00)
October 13, 12 - 17
October 14, 12 - 17
October 15, 12 - 17
October 16, 12 - 17
October 17, 12 - 17
October 18, 12 - 17
October 19, 12 - 17
October 20, 12 - 17
October 21, lukket
October 22, 12 - 17
October 23, 12 - 17
October 24, 12 - 17
October 25, 12 - 17 (last day)

HeartArtWorldwide in Den Hague October, 12. - 25., 2024

Den Hague is a city of residence in the Netherlands, where Amsterdam is the capital. The Hague is located by the water and houses the largest container port in the world. The Hague has 510,000 inhabitants, with suburbs 705,000, and is thus the country's third largest city.
The city is an administrative and cultural center and houses the Dutch Parliament. Both the king and the ministries as well as the embassies and the Supreme Court are located here in the city.

The city is home to the International Court of Justice, Europol and other international law institutions, as well as a large number of well-known buildings such as the Rembrandt Collection, the Peace Palace and the miniature city of Madurodam.

The gallery is centrally located. Den Hague itself is only 20 km from Rotterdam and 60 km from Amsterdam, so there are good opportunities for day trips and visits to museums and other attractions.

Gallery AnnaV

in Haag

Her very first piece of art

Galleri info

Do you come to Den Hague?

Be in time to book travel and hotel.
There are many possibilities, but remember it might be time for autumn vacation.
Many people are travelling.